Peya Mowar

I am a research fellow at Microsoft Research India (MSRI). I work in the Technology and Empowerment (TEM) group with Dr. Saikat Guha and Tanuja Ganu.

At MSRI, I build multi-lingual document intelligence systems for making long-form documents, such as newspapers, accessible to people with print impairment. My research interest lies at the intersection of Responsible Artificial Intelligence and Human-Computer Interaction.

Previously, I have been fortunate to work with Prof. Khurshid Ahmad at Trinity College, Dublin. I graduated with distinct honors from Delhi Technological University, India where my bachelor's thesis was advised by Prof. D.K. Vishwakarma.

I am applying to PhD programs for Fall'23!

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headshot of Peya Mowar: woman wearing black blazer, long brownish-black hair.


I wish to solve complex societal problems that can immediately impact underserved populations. I am interested in developing and evaluating AI systems to address such issues, and conducting in-depth quantitative and qualitative studies to inform these systems.

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